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About Telehealth

Telehealth is a convenient way to have a therapy appointment or initial evaluation. It can also be used for some types of assessments. You simply need a computer with fairly robust internet service (or your phone, tablet, etc.), and a little privacy. It’s great in that you and your clinician can be far away from each other and you don’t have to make along trip. It is also especially helpful for anyone who has a hard time leaving the house or being out in public. But there are some concerns, as well. Because the contents of the session are being sent over the internet, there is a slight chance that an unknown person could intercept the conversation. With today’s security procedures, that’s pretty unlikely, but it could happen. And it might be a little harder to control privacy on your end, depending on where you are when you connect for the appointment. These concerns are easily addressed, but you should at least be aware of these possible threats to your confidentiality

Telehealth can be used for several types of assessments, but not for all of them. For some assessments, the technology just isn’t there yet and they must be done in person. The same holds true for types of psychotherapy. Thankfully, the types of assessments and therapy this practice specializes in work well over telehealth.